Why do you need ATS friendly CV / Resume?

What is an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)?

Before going into the importance of ATS, here is everything you need to know about ATS.

Applicant Tracking Software is a software that many companies now use for easing their recruitment procedure. Whenever you create a CV you have hopes and dreams about the employer reading it and thinking that you are the perfect candidate. Well sorry to break it down to you. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

The whole recruitment cycle is now carried on by software starting from screening, analyzing, sorting, shortlisting, and finally landing to scheduling Interviews.

It is basically a filtering process, where they filter out the most suited candidates according to the specific keywords set by the employer/ organization.

Even if you have all the experience in the world or have the highest quality of education and skills it doesn’t matter as long as your CV is not formatted in compliance with ATS.

This is why ATS compliance is important in creating your CV.

So when you create a CV next time make sure that it has strong content and a simple design that stands out from others.

ATS is a bot, so it is important that you make your CV in a machine-readable format, also keep in mind to work with the keywords of the employer. Here's a fun fact - Did you know that 75% of the companies use ATS nowadays and every other company uses different types of ATS formats? This is why it is always recommended to seek professional guidance from a CV writing expert.


Happy CV making and best of luck in your job search!




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