Why the CV needs to be PROFESSIONAL ?

A CV is simply a document containing all the important details of your education, career, skills, experience, and other basic information. Ever wondered why this piece of document is so important in the growth of your career? It's simple because a CV is your first interaction with an employer. Also, your CV  is your only chance in securing that job interview that everyone has been eyeing.

All of us try hard and put our maximum effort in creating the perfect CV, we add as many skills and experiences as possible. But ask yourself, is this what the employer is really looking for? The answer is NO.  Nobody wants to see the same thing in every candidates' CV, Instead they want to know how you are different from the lot. What are the factors that make you stand out? Ask these questions to yourself before preparing the CV.

In the interview room you are the CV that you prepared. So its important to make sure that your information provided is completely honest. If you think creating a half baked CV or a CV made from false information might do you good, your'e thinking through the wrong track.

So what should a good CV look like? It is important that you keep your CV short and brief covering all of your life's major parts like education, experiences, publications, activities etc..

A CV is an extremely official document, therefore its essential that we create it with utmost care and precision, no one wants to mess up their first impressions. It is always advisable to get it edited by a professional writer for any errors or mistakes.

Last but not the least, make sure your CV reflects WHO YOU ARE.

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